Please use these resources freely. We do not agree with everything written or taught by these resources, but have generally found them reliable and helpful.
Book Resources:

Biblical Shepherding of God's Sheep - Steven Martin

In the House of Friends: Understanding and Healing from Spiritual Abuse in Christian Churches - Kenneth J. Garrett (One of the best books on this topic out there.)

Churches that Abuse - Ronald M. Enroth

Recovering from Churches that Abuse - Ronald M. Enroth

The Whole Christ - Sinclair B. Ferguson

Bully Pulpit - Michael J. Kruger

Video Resources:

Apologetics Live - Dangerous Doctrines

Apologetics Live - Is Tony Miano in a Cult?

Conversation with Mike Reid - Beaverton Grace Bible Church

Blog Resources:

Striving for Eternity - Dangerous Doctrines of Grace Fellowship

Striving for Eternity - My Response to Tony Miano

Discerning the Church of Wells - The Cult of Wells Texas

Uncommon Faith - Excommunication

Liberty for Captives - A Cure for Legalism

Will the Elders of the Church of Wells Answer? - Tony Miano before moving to GFC (note the similarities to Wells and GFC)

Don Owsley - Excellent resources for parents

Additional Resources:

The Narcissistic Life - 12 Greatest Fears of the Narcissist

Canon Fodder - Key Signs of an Abusive Pastor

Understanding Predatory Alienation - "Under most circumstances, people stop short of ceding their autonomy to another, but part of the brainwashing process is convincing the individual that the healthy part of their ego is really selfish or has distorted the situation: that they can’t trust their instincts, that they need the perpetrator, the cult leader, the dominant person to guide them."

Podcast Resources:

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill - "In 2014, after more than a decade of tremendous growth and ministry, Mars Hill Church imploded with the resignation of its lead pastor, Mark Driscoll. Once a hub for those disenfranchised with cultural Christianity, Mars Hill’s characteristic “punk rock spirit” became its downfall as power, fame and spiritual trauma invaded the ministry. But how did things fall apart? Where did Mark Driscoll take a wrong turn? Who could be held responsible for the hurt and disillusionment that resulted?"

Isolated but Note Alone - Spiritual Grooming Part 3 - "Spiritual grooming has become an epidemic in evangelical communities and is often subtle affecting children and adults. It is subtle because it uses our spirituality against us, and causes us to distrust ourselves and our buddies in order to trust others who claim that what they are saying comes from God."

”Moreover, he must be well thought of by outsiders, so that he may not fall into disgrace, into a snare of the devil.”

- 1 Timothy 3:7